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Urinal Blocks & Screens


SSS® Urinal Screen w/Non-Para Block - Cherry

Screen protects the drain from blockage. Enzyme bowl block deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup. Every flush tints water blue, while healthy bacteria eliminates odors and maintain drain lines. Lasts up to 30 days. Contains no para-chlorobenzene.

SSS® Flat Urinal Screen - Pleascent Scent

Super-flex vinyl adjusts to the contour of the urinal, forming an effective barrier against cigarette butts, gum and other debris that may lead to costly clogs. The vinyl is permeated with a clean fragrance. Deodorizes while it protects!

SSS® Sea Shell Flat Urinal Screen - Melon Mania

Translucent in color with a "clamshell" like design for a better fit, it is manufactured using a specially engineered copolymer that is impregnated with organic deodorizing compounds that are 200% stronger than traditional vinyl urinal screens. Anti-splash texture; preventing splash back and cross contamination of urine to other areas outside the restroom. Incredibly strong deodorizing properties and VOC compliant in all 50 states. Non-slip finish. Extremely flexible to allow a proper fit to any urinal contour. Translucent design allows total viewing of the drain to ensure it remains free-flowing. Collects debris before it clogs up the drain.

SSS® Urinal Screen w/Enzyme Block - Spring Green

Flexible screen conforms to the shape of the urinal, protecting the drain against debris and costly clogs. Enzymes help to keep drains and pipes clean.