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Specialty Cleaners / Polishes


SSS® Lemon Oil Furniture Polish - 19 oz.

An emulsion polish formula that dusts and cleans in one easy application. This multi-surface furniture polish with lemon oil leaves a dust free surface. Resists fingerprints. Lemon fragrance.

SSS® Metal Cleaner & Polish - 15 oz. Aerosol

Specifically designed to clean and shine stainless steel and most other metal surfaces. Protective coating retards tarnishing.

SSS® Stainless Steel Cleaner - 19 oz.

Cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel without hard scrubbing and polishing. Resists fingerprints, grease and water spatter.

3M™ Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish - 21 oz.

Ideal for stainless steel, chrome, laminated plastics and aluminum surfaces. Pleasant lime fragrance.

SSS® Lemon Oil Furniture Polish - 18 oz. Aerosol

Removes soil, old wax build up, dust, debris, smudges and fingerprints from metal, Formica and vinyl furniture. Solvent based. Leaves protective finish.

SSS® Metal Cleaner & Polish - 15 oz.

Formulated with a blend of cleaning solvents and fine oils fro superior cleaning.

SSS® Stainless Steel Cleaner - 18 oz. Aerosol

Water based formula used for cleaning and polishing stainless steel, chrome, Formica and other hard surfaces. Can be used in food preparation areas.

SSS® Tango Graffiti & Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste - 16 oz

Safely and easily removes graffiti, dirt, grime and marks from hard surfaces without the use of harmful solvents. No solvents, no VOC's, non-corrosive. Contains 25% tallow, a biobased animal fat derivative. Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable.