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Dust Mop Handles & Frames


delamo® Dust Mop Frame - 5" x 1" x 30"

Constructed from chrome-plated 1/4" heavy duty wire. Features a 5" wide head with round ends. Fits most clip-on handles. Frames 48" through 72" have special Z-Bar for added strength.

SSS® Dust Mop Frames

Available 3" and 5". All frames are nickel chrome plated to prevent rust and made with heavy gauge steel for extra durability.

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SSS® NexGen Microfiber Dusting Telescopic Extension Pole

26" - 48".

SSS® Quick Change Dust Mop Handle - 1" x 60"

A flip of the clip lets you change from a 12" mop for a small area to a huge 72" mop for a hallway or gymnasium! One handle fits all sizes. You can change from 3" narrow frames to 5" wide frames.