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Enzyme Bacteria Products


SSS® Enz-Odor Liquid Bacteria - Qt.

Liquid bacteria/digester. Excellent for treatment of drains, removal of organic soils, odor elimination. Safe and easy to use. Pleascent Scent fragrance.

SSS® Drain-Zyme - Gal.

A combination of free enzymes, nutrients and genetically engineered spores designed to quickly digest grease as well as proteins and other organic wastes. These spores continue to grow and degrade grease compounds long after initial usage. A non-acid, non-caustic formula, Drain-Zyme is the safe and cost-effective way to treat drain systems, grease traps, septic systems and institutional floors. Coupled with a powerful deodorant, it deodorizes while digesting organic waste and reducing the volume of solids, including grease, proteins, tars and oils.

SSS® Bio-Zyme Drain Maintainer - Gal., Spring Green

Synergistic blends of bacteria in an enzyme system. Use as part of a routine maintenance program for clear, clean, odor-free drains. Liquifies organic waste in drains and traps. Liquid bacteria drain maintainer.

SSS® Enzyme Deodorant

A bacteria/enzyme culture plus deodorant that digests organic waste, reduces the volume of solids and destroys odors. It is non-polluting and contains no acids or corrosives. Use in drains, grease traps, portable toilets and restrooms. Eliminates odors.

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