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Scrubbers - Rider


Nobles® EZ Rider™ HP Scrubbers

Perfect for environments like warehouses and manufacturing plants, retail, schools, universities, and hospitals. Cleans hard floors like no other scrubber. Superior maneuverability allows the operator to turn 180 degrees within a six-foot-wide aisle. Vacuum Motor: 3 stage, .8 hp. Battery: 360 volt system, 244 AH. Solution Tank: 30 Gal./ Recovery Tank: 45 Gal.

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Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider Scrubber - 26" Disk

Clear sight lines and simple controls help keep operators focused on their cleaning space. Compact size conveniently fits in tight spaces like elevators and doorways. Effective solution recovery with parabolic, no-hassle squeegee system for drier floors to help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Quiet 67 dBA sound level for scrubbing in noise-sensitive environments. Available with ecH2O® technology which electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods. Also available with FaST® Foam Scrubbing Technology which uses up to 70% less water and 90% less chemicals to improve floor traction as certified by NFSL, helping reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Reliable, high-value scrubber with the simplest, most intuitive controls available on any riding auto-scrubber. 29 gallon solution and recovery tanks.

Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider -32" Cyl. w/ec-H2O™

Easy to learn, one button controls decrease the time spent training, and shifts it to more time spent cleaning. Choose either disk for smooth floors with out debris or cylindrical scrub heads for capturing light debris. Just scrubbed floors are immediately dry and safe for traffic and detergent is automatically mixed and measured precisely with optional FaST®. Also available with ec-H2O™. With ec-H2O™ option, you'll use 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods. Detergent clean. Water safe. ec-H2O technology converts water into a powerful cleaning solution. 29 gallon solution and recovery tanks.