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Nobles® EX-CAN-15LP Canister Extractor - Low Pressure

Portable low and adjustable pressure canister carpet extractors make quick work in tight areas. Pick the model that meets your cleaning needs. Prevent over-wetting with an adjustable water pressure unit with built-in heater to increase cleaning power or choose the standard 100 psi model. Get quick, easy access to working parts with the convenient clamshell design. Strong and robust construction means years of dependable use. Solution tank: 15 gal., recovery tank: 19 gal.

Manufacturers Item #9007485

Nobles® Explorer™ 1500 without Heat

As one tank empties, the recovery tank fills, making for a compact, portable design. Available with or without a built-in, high performance heater for added cleaning power. Adjustable psi setting, up to 250. Large rear wheels for easy handling and stair climbing. High performance three-stage vac motor leaves carpet clean and nearly dry. Standard accessories include a 13 inch floor wand, 5 inch hand tool and a 25 foot vacuum and solution hoses. This model uses a patented 15 gallon contracting solution bladder and a 19 gallon recovery capacity, allowing two tanks to share the space of one! 38" H x 38" L x 19" W; -13" Tool. 0-250 Solution psi. 15 gal. Solution tank/19 gal. Recovery tank.

Manufacturers Item #608810

Nobles® Explorer™ H2 Heated Canister Extractor

Increase productivity with more time spent extracting and fewer dumps with a large 16 gallon solution/ recovery tank. Built for durability with roto-mold double walled construction for outstanding performance and a longer life. Easy to grip handles allow for quick transportation to clean more spaces. CRI gold certified cleaning when used with Exodus Titanium Wand. CRI platinum certified as part of a deep cleaning system using Orbio® Multi-Surface Cleaner. Solution tank: 15 Gal.; Recovery tank: 13.5 Gal.; Solution/recovery hose length: 15'.

Manufacturers Item #9011453

Nobles® EX-SC-1020 Self Contained Extractor

This carpet extractor allows for the exact amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage. Vac Motor: 1.8 hp, 3-stage. Brush Motor: 1.5 A. Power Cord: 50', 16 gauge, safety yellow.

Manufacturers Item #9007486

Nobles® EX-SC-412 Self-Contained Extractor - 10.5"

The lift-off recovery tank on this extractor lets the operator empty the tank into a drain or sink with ease. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 2-stage. Water lift at sealed orifice: 91.5". Power Cord: 25', 16 gauge.

Manufacturers Item #9007478

Nobles® EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Extractor - 7 Gal.

Efficiently clean smaller areas with fewer empties/fills thanks to the 7 gallon solution and recovery tank capacity. Adjustable brush pressure. Vac motor: 1.66 hp, 3 stage. Brush motor: 1A, 1800 rpm. 50' power cord, 16 gauge.

Manufacturers Item #9007484

Nobles® EX-SPOT-2 Portable Spot Extractor - 2 Gal.

Clean spots before they become stains with the portable spot extractor. Includes 4" stainless steel hand tool. Vacuum motor: 1.12 hp, 2 stage, 120V, 7A, 840 watts. Vacuum motor type: Peripheral discharge, bypass: 4.8 dia. Power cord: 25' SJTO.

Manufacturers Item #9007502

Nobles® Falcon™ 2800 Plus

22" path with 5,000 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1200 rpm. 42.75" H x 51" L x 22" W.

Manufacturers Item #608352

Nobles® Falcon™ Ultra B

22" path with 4,500 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1200 rpm. 4 hour run time. 42" H x 54" L x 30" W.

Manufacturers Item #608351

Nobles® Frontier™

20" path with 3,500 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1800 rpm. 5 jets/100 psi. 10 gal. Solution tank/14.5 gal. Recovery tank.

Manufacturers Item #608549

Nobles® Power Eagle™ 1016

16" path with 2,100 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1800 rpm. 5 jets/100 psi. 34" H x 43" x 16" W.

Manufacturers Item #608540

Nobles® Power Eagle™ 716

16" path with 2,000 sq. ft./hr. coverage rate. Brush Motor: 1800 rpm. 4 jets/100 psi. 34" H x 39" L x 16" W.

Manufacturers Item #608543

Nobles® Speed EX™ Self-Contained Extractor - 5 Gal.

Deep clean in one pass thanks to dirt-lifting, double-tuft brush and powerful extraction system. Easily reach into tight spaces with ultra low-profile design. Solution/recovery tanks: 5 Gal./5Gal. Vacuum motor: 1.2 hp. 10.8 amps, 120V, 1300 watts.

Manufacturers Item #9004201

Nobles® Strive® Compact Cord-Electric Carpet Cleaner-15"

With ReadySpace®. Easily reach and clean tight areas with forward and reverse cleaning action, low-profile body, and Insta-Adjust™ handle. Solution/Recovery Tanks: 5 Gal./5Gal. Roller motor power (2 motors): .3 hp. 11 amps, 120V, 1320 watts.

Manufacturers Item #9004202

Nobles® Strive™ Dual Technology Carpet Cleaner - 22"

ReadySpace™ technology removes soil before it becomes deeply embedded, leaving carpets cleaner over time and making extraction easier. Carpets cleaned with the Strive's ReadySpace® technology are dry and ready for foot traffic in less than 30 minutes. 42" H x 60" L x 28" W. 21 gallon solution and recovery tanks.

Manufacturers Item #9000503

Nobles® Trooper™ 1000

13" Tool. 38" H x 41.5" L x 20" W. 100 Solution psi. 10 gal. Solution tank/14.5 gal. Recovery tank.

Manufacturers Item #608813

Nobles® Trooper™ 1500H with Heat

13" Tool. 38" H x 38" L x 19" W. 100 Solution psi. 15 gal. Solution tank/19 gal. Recovery tank.

Manufacturers Item #608571

SSS® Bobcat 10 Carpet Extractor - 16"

Compact design, easy to maneuver. 16" cylindrical brush to deep clean carpet. Simple, easy-to-use controls. 4 twist lock spray jets. Solution tank: 10 gal.; Recovery tank: 7 gal. Cleaning path: 16"; Pump type/Pump PSI: 100 PSI pump. Vacuum motor: 3-stage; Vacuum size: 5.7.

Manufacturers Item #86025

SSS® Bobcat XT Self Contained Extractor

Aerodynamic vacuum shoe for fast drying carpets. 8 gallon solution tank extends the time between dump and refills. Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 3 stage; Brush motor: 1/3 hp. Vacuum Shoe: 18"; Power cable: 50' fixed; Waterlift: 117". Solution tank: 8 Gal.; Recovery tank: 6 Gal.

Manufacturers Item #86026

SSS® Hi-Flow Extractor - 14"

Will save you 30% to 40% of the labor time you are now spending on carpet cleaning. High productivity, no filling or dumping and automatic mixing. 110v, 13 amp circuit. Solution flow rate: 3 plus gallons per minute. Vacuum shoe width: 14".

Manufacturers Item #54240

SSS® Scepter PE 50 Portable Carpet Extractor

Compact, portable and powerful. It can handle large volume carpet cleaning jobs quickly and completely, and is also perfect for daily use. Vac Motor: 3-stage, 10.7 amp. Air Flow: 99 cfm; Water Lift: 117.4"; Pump: 60 psi. Solution Tank: 5 gallon; Recovery Tank: 5 gallon.

Manufacturers Item #54113