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Floor Machines


Advance Pacesetter™ 20HD Floor Machine - 20", 1.5HP AC

The Pacesetter™ 13/17/20 is a 1.0 hp, 175 rpm machine available in 13,17 and 20 inch sizes. Dual capacitors provide an extra burst of power to the machine when needed for start up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits in the facility. At 1.5 hp, 175 rpm, the Pacesetter™ HD is also available in 17 and 20 inch sizes. A triple-planetary gear design lasts longer than other gear drives because of they do not develop a wear pattern. A sealed gear box requires no maintenance. The Pacesetter™ 20SD™ a super duty 20 inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75 hp, 175 rpm machine also has the triple planetary gear design for longer wear. The Pacesetter™ 20TS is a two-speed floor machine with a 1.5 hp and a DC rectified motor. The two-speed machine runs at 180 and 320 rpm. Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening, or bonnet cleaning, this machine will fit your need. Heavy duty construction. All cast metal, chrome plated base. Dual start and run capacitors.

SSS® Square Cat 2014 Oscillating Floor Machine

Provides top value performance for a variety of hard floor applications. Known for chemical-free removal of floor finish and the dry scrub process. 20" x 14" cleaning path, 1.5 hp TEFC motor. 1740 rpm, 180 frame, 50' safety orange 12/3 power cord UL. Includes 5 removable weights.

SSS® Square Cat XT10 Oscillating Floor Machine - 14" x 10"

1.5 HP.

SSS® Square Cat XT20 Oscillating Floor Machine - 20" x 14"

1.5 HP.

SSS® Square Cat XTV20 Oscillating Floor Machine -20" x 14"

w/Built-in Vacuum. 1.5 HP.

Nobles® Single Speed Floor Machines

Superior performance with low maintenance. With a dramatically-simplified design, and a heavy-duty 1.5 hp motor, this single speed floor machine requires little maintenance while delivering superior cleaning and maintenance results. Simple twist grip operation with safety lock to protect operators. This durable floor machine is a proven performer for polishing, scrubbing and stripping most any hard floor surface. Made from durable, corrosion-proof polyethylene. Motor: 1.5 hp, 12 A, 1100 watts, 120 V. Power Cord: 50', 14 gauge, 3-wire, SJT.

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Nobles® Speedshine® 1700DS Floor Machine - 17", Dual

Choose from 17", 20", single or dual speed models to meet your needs. Warranty is 10 years on rotationally-molded construction and 3 years on parts and labor. Polish, scrub, strip and sand with the best backed floor machines in the industry. Proven performer for polishing, scrubbing, stripping or sanding most any hard floor type. Durable, corrosion-proof, polyethylene construction. Includes pad driver; 50 ft 14 gauge, 3 wire, SJT cord.

Nobles® Speedshine™ 2000DS - 185/330 RPM

The Speedshine™ low speed series of floor burnishers are work horses built to last. 48" H x 23.5" L x 20" W; Polyethylene. 1.5 hp; Dual speed capability of 185 rpm and 330 rpms. 50' cord.

Nobles® Speed-SQ 14 Floor Machine

Great for compact spaces. Two standard weight sets included at 48 lbs. Isolators reduce vibrations to the operator's hands, making operator comfort a priority. 20" x 14". Scrub motor: 1.5 hp; Orbital head speed: 1,740 rpm. Power cord: 50'; UL approval.

SSS® 17" Dual Speed XL Floor Machine

The Dual Speed XL units give you the choice of 175 and 300 rpm for scrubbing and spray buffing with a single unit. Weight: 96 lbs.

SSS® Cougar 20 Floor Machine - 20"

All purpose floor machine. For stripping, scrubbing, screen cleaning, or bonnet cleaning. Triple planetary high torque all-steel gear box. All metal construction. Universal clutch plate. Safety lock out switch. Motor mounted pad driver storage. Heavy duty 66-frame motor. Ergonomic handle. Easy-to-use controls. Fully adjustable handle. Non-marking bumpers. Power: 1.5 hp; Voltage: 110 volt. Speed: 175 rpm; Weight: 101 lbs. Power Cord: 55' safety orange; Amp draw: 13.0 amps.