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Glass / Surface Cleaner


SSS® Glass Cleaner - 19 oz.

Easy-to-use aerosol cleaner and polish uses a clinging foam to break up soils and hold them even on a vertical surface. Never drips, runs or streaks. Formulated with ammonia for a "streak-free" polish.

3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ 1L Glass Cleaner - 2 L, Gray Cap

Non-streaking cleaner for windows, glass and mirrors as well as stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, ceramic and plastic. Low flow. Green Seal™ Certified. Yield per 2 Liter bottle: 30 ready-to-use gallons.

3M™ Twist 'n Fill™ 20L Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner-2 L

Non-streaking, heavy-duty cleaner for windows, glass and mirrors. Low flow for use in filling bottles. Yield per 2 Liter bottle: 12 ready-to-use gallons.

SSS® Navigator #25 Infinity Glass Cleaner - 2 Ltr.

This glass cleaner will dissolve, suspend and remove soil from Plexiglas, windows, mirrors, windshields, walls, countertops, cabinets, and partitions. Leaves no residue to help prevent re-soiling. RTU yields per case: High-Flow, 129 gal; Low-Flow, 516 qts. Green Seal™ Certified, EarthCare®, US EPA. 2 per case.

SSS® Navigator 52 Sunray Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner -2 L

Non-ammoniated, non-streaking, non-smearing, quick drying glass cleaner. RTU yields per refill: 85 quarts.

SSS® Sunray RTU Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner

Non-ammoniated glass cleaner, formulated EcoLogo™ certified formula. EarthCare® certified.

SSS® Tri-Max Disinfecting Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

This product is a multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant. This formulation is for use on hard, non-porous surfaces.