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Lobby Dust Pans


Continental Metal Lobby Dust Pan

Self-opening and closing lid with extra long chrome handle. Pan/door are metal with powder coated finish for longer life. 9 3/4" x 12".

Continental Plastic Lobby Dust Pan

Durable plastic hopper with vinyl coated steel handle. Pan snap-locks in use and releases to dump or carry. Space saving hanger for storage. 10" x 12". Black.

delamo® Jumbo Debris Lobby Dustpan

An extra large version of the standard lobby dust pan. Constructed from high impact, light weight, special formulated recycled plastic. Swivel pan and T-bar feature a lock for upright mobility. A curved handle for easy use.

delamo® Lobby Dust Pan w/Wheels & Broom Clip

Molded from lightweight and durable polypropylene with metal handle and swivel cap. Integrated wheels prevent damage from dragging pan. Multiple units nest tightly together.

delamo® Lobby Dustpan

Constructed from high impact polypropylene plastic. Swivel pan and special T-Bar locking feature facilitates upright carrying. 30" extruded aluminum handle. 13.5" x 4.5" x 39".