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Dust Mops


Wilen® Roll-Out™ Disposable Dust Mop - 40' x 5"

40 foot roll of disposable dust mop. Pre-treated, open twist, blended cotton/synthetic yarn is sewn to a Stick-M™ backing. Knife included for cutting to size to fit holder. Packaged in convenient dispenser box. Color: Natural.

SSS® Endless Twist Colored Dust Mops

Available in either 5" wide Quick Change clip-on style or the Universal 5" or 3" styles that fit any frame. Endless twist mops can't fray out or wash away. The twisted loops prevent catching on obstacles or furniture. Prelaundered.

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SSS® Special Endless Twist Dust Mops

Made with top quality Endless Twist yarn that won't fray out or wash away. Available in either Universal 3" or 5" style to fit any mop frame.

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SSS® Super Disposable Dust Mops

Available 5" in Natural, Blue & Green. Tough, sewn blended yarn construction. Pretreated for immediate use. Non-woven full-tie backing fits any hardware system. Natural.

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SSS® Synthetic Dust Mop - 5" x 24"

Special yarn uses magnetic attraction to pick-up and hold dust. Lint-free, clean and safe to use even in sensitive hi-tech areas. Rinses clean. Blue.