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Loop Mop Heads


SSS® Industrial Looped Wet Mop - Medium

Multi-purpose mop has good absorbency combined with extra durability. Tough, absorbent, blended 4-ply yarn. Features tail bands to prevent tangling, looped ends to prevent fraying and for launderability, and quick drying headbands on wide styles.

SSS® Value Plus Blend Looped End Wet Mops

This economical mop offers added features like 4-ply blended yarn with a bar-tacked single tailband at a basic price. Color-coded mesh headbands. Expect 30% average shrinkage if laundered.

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SSS® Value Plus Blue & White Looped-End Finish - LG,1 1/4"

Blended blue and white poly/rayon yarn releases and spreads finish easily. Single tailband sewn inside. Launderable.