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Floor Restorers / Maintainers


3M™ TopLine Pre-Burnish Floor Conditioner - Gal.

No-rinse neutral conditioner will not dull or damage floor finish. Recommended for use with the Scotch-Brite™ Diamond Pad System. Dilution rate: 1:128.

SSS® Recharge Polymer Based Mop On Restorer

An ideal companion for any environmentally friendly floor care program. Regular use keeps floors looking great day after day. Concentrated for economical use dilutions. Use of an automatic scrubber is highly recommended. EcoLogo™ Certified, EarthCare® Certified. Gallon. 4/cs.

SSS® Turnaround Spray Buff - Qt.

For use in removing black heel marks and dirt while restoring floors to a brilliant shine that will increase the original gloss of the finish. Saves labor by extending time spans between stripping.

SSS® Meteor UHS Restorer - Gal.

A multi-use restorer that can be mopped on or applied with an auto scrubber. Burnish when dry to restore gloss and prolong life of the finish. Concentrated.

SSS® Stargate Spray Buff RTU - Qt.

Designed to repair and restore finish gloss in one easy step. Use with 175 to 1500 RPM equipment as part of a spray buff maintenance program. Prolongs the life of the finish. Ready to use.

SSS® Tundra Synthetic Floor Protectant - 2.5 Gal

Environmentally responsible synthetic floor finish. Designed to work on any type of synthetic floor due to its exceptional durability and flexibility. Contains no zinc or other heavy metals. Not harmful to wastewater treatment systems. EcoLogo™ Certified, EarthCare® Certified. 2 per case.