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Continental Huskee® 2 Gal. Tank Sprayer

The remarkable nozzle adjusts from a fine spray to a powerful jet stream that shoots contents up to 30' away. The furnished poly spray attachment rotates 360°. Polymer shut-off valve has lock-on/lock-off feature. 1.5 gallon usable capacity.

SSS® 1985 TSQ Chemical Resistant Sprayer - 3 Pint

Features: adjustable cone nozzle, Viton seals and rugged poly construction. Excellent for spot application when cleaning restrooms, showers, etc. For smaller jobs.

SSS® 1996 TSQ Chemical Resistant Sprayer

For use with the harshest chemicals & industrial cleaners. Available in 2 gallon and 3 gallon. Features: chemical resistant Viton seals; durable poly tank; funnel top with pour spout, brass flow control; brass extension with flat fan nozzle. Chemical resistant hose.

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Unger® Sprayer On A Belt

Combined with Smart Color Microwipe, makes surface/wet cleaning faster and easier. Sprayer hooks onto belt, providing optimal weight support. Flexible hose extends 3' for upside-down spraying. 33 oz bottle included.