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Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


SSS® Chewing Gum Remover - 6 oz. Aerosol

Refrigerant freezes gum for easy removal from carpet, tables, chairs, floors and other non-porous surfaces. No chlorinated solvents.

SSS® Chewing Gum Remover - 6.5 oz.

Product is specially formulated to freeze chewing gum, candle wax, putty and other gummy substances to -40° F for neat and easy removal.

SSS® Enzyme Spotter #1 - 20 oz. Bottle

Protein based spot and odor remover. Powerful blend of enzymes digest a broad-range of organic spots and odors quickly. Fragrance: Cherry Almond.

Nilodor® INK Remover - Qt.

A ready to use water based spot remover. Removes marker and ink stains from carpet, furniture, upholstery and clothing.

SSS® All Purpose Spotter - Qt.

Removes a wide variety of common spots and spills. Penetrates and loosens oil and water-based soils quickly for fast removal. Ultra-low residue formula resists resoiling.

SSS® Carpet Spotting Kit XL

This comprehensive spotting kit contains the solutions and tools necessary to remove your most difficult spots and stains from carpet and upholstery.

SSS® Heavy Duty Carpet Spot Remover - 18 oz.

Fast acting water-based universal spot and stain remover. Saturates and dissolves stains such as butter, cooking oils, grease, crayon, makeup and lipstick. Also dissolves ink, coffee, blood, urine and many more.

SSS® Bio-Enzymatic Spotter - Qt.

A ready-to-use, multi-enzyme carpet spotter, odor eliminator and protector. Cherry almond fragrance.

SSS® Citrus Gel Spotter #5 Solvent Spotter - 20 oz. Bottle

Thickened gel formulation clings to stain and does not penetrate carpet backing. Rinses easily with water. Pleasant citrus fragrance.