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Floor Sweeps/Push Brooms


SSS® Medium Sweep Push Broom - 24"

An excellent all around tool for smooth and medium surfaces. Polypropylene will not absorb moisture. Flagged border with heavy center. Can be washed to extend performance life. For general and light industrial applications.

Manufacturers Item #14020

Carlisle Palmyra Garage Floor Sweep - 36"

Hardwood blocks. Natural fiber palmyra bristles for sweeping heavy debris. Handles sold separately.

Manufacturers Item #3621913600

SSS® Heavy Sweep Push Broom - 24"

Stiff polypropylene bristles for added durability. For sidewalks, parking lots and similar rough surfaces. Not affected by water or petroleum.

Manufacturers Item #14023

SSS® Omni Sweep - 24" Block

Sweeps away everything from heavy debris to fine dirt particles, all in one step. The short, heavy bristles in the front edge collect larger debris. The longer medium and fine bristles follow-up to remove smaller particles. HACCP Compliant.

Manufacturers Item #14002