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2 Ply Bath Tissue


SCA Tork® Universal Quality 2 Ply Roll Bath Tissue - White

An absorbent economical bath tissue that delivers value and performance while embossed to enhance bulk and softness. EcoLogo® Certified. Has rapid breakup, ideal for all plumbing systems. T24 System; Sheet Size: 4.5 x 3.75; Roll Diameter: 4.35. 500 sheets per roll, 96 rolls per case.

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ OptiCore® Controlled Tissue

EcoSoft™ High-Capacity OptiCore® Tissue surpasses the look and feel of typical high-capacity tissues so you don't have to trade capacity for quality. Sheet size: 3 3/4" x 3 1/2"; Green Seal™ Certified. Double ply. Sheets per roll: 2000.

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Tissue - 3 3/4"x4"

100% recycled. Contains a minimum 20% post-consumer waste, which meets EPA guidelines. Controlled-use. 2 Ply. 3 3/4" wide with a 1.9" core. Use Dispenser: 72300, 72600, 88400. 616 sheets per roll, 48 rolls per case.

GP Preference® Singlefold Interfold 2 Ply Bath Tissue

Designed be dispensed one tissue at a time, giving your customers control over the amount of tissue they need and you control over your bottom line. Use Dispenser: 58701.

Kleenex® Cottonelle® Bathroom Tissue

Our high quality base sheet and embossing creates a softer, fluffier tissue conveying a superior feeling of luxury for your guests and employees. 4.09" x 4.0"; White; 2-Ply. Use dispenser: 09021, 09600. 451 sheets per roll, 60 rolls per case.

Livi® VPG Bath Tissue

Made from 100% virgin fiber that is both hygienic and high quality. The bath tissue is bright white, fully perforated and embossed and it's safe for septic systems. All sizes are universal and fit into standard commercial dispensers. Core diameter: 1.7"; Leaf Emboss. 2 ply. InnerWrap: Paper.

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Nvi® LoCor® Bath Tissue - 3.85" x 4.05"

2 ply. 1000 sheets per roll.

SCA Tork® Advanced Bath Tissue Roll - 3.94" x 3.75"

Provides hygienic dispensing while reducing waste and maintenance expense. T26 system. EcoLogo® Certified. High capacity rolls eliminates service outages. 2 ply. Use dispenser: 555620, 555628. 1000 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.

WausauPaper® DublNature® OptiCore® Controlled Tissue

Features the patented two-part core technology. This quality tissue is 100% recycled and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Features premium brightness. 2 ply. 865 sheets per roll.

WausauPaper® DublNature® Universal Tissue - 4 3/8x3 3/4

Dubl-Nature® Green Seal™ certified embossed universal tissue is made from a superior grade of 100% recycled wastepaper. It contains up to 25% post-consumer waste content. Ideal for class A office buildings, luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, green buildings and hotels, government, and colleges or universities. Attractive "floral" embossing. Exceptional brightness and absorbency. 2 Ply.

WausauPaper® DublSoft® Universal Tissue - 4 3/8" x 4"

Designed for those customers who demand maximum strength, absorbency and softness. Ideal for office buildings and hotel guest rooms. Designed for those customers who are greatly concerned with the image of their building. Floral embossing pattern for premium softness. Use Dispenser: 72200.

WausauPaper® DublSoft® Controlled Use Tissue - 3 7/8"x4"

Maximum softness, strength and absorbency. 2 Ply. Use Dispenser: 72300, 72600, 88400. 625 sheets per roll, 48 rolls per case.

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ 2-Ply Universal Tissue -4"x3 3/4"

100% recycled. Embossed for softness. Designed for those customers who support the recycling movement and request tissue that helps create a cleaner environment. Standard Core; 2 ply. Use Dispenser: 72200.

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ Tissue-4 3/8x3 3/4

Green Seal™ 100% recycled universal tissue. Certified by Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. Meets environmental standards. 2 Ply. Use Dispenser: 72200. 500 sheets per roll, 96 rolls per case.