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WausauPaper® Multi-Dubl-Tough® Premium Airlaid Wiper

Provides maximum absorbency, picking up eight times its weight in grease, oil & ink. This airlaid wiper is solvent resistant, can be rinsed out & used again. 1/4 Fold Poly; Perfect for general clean-up.

WausauPaper® Ultra Dubl-Tough® DRC Wiper - 12 1/4" x 13"

This wiper is double recrepe (DRC) for your most important tasks. The DRC wiper is perfect for absorbing liquids and leaves surfaces streak-free. 1/4 fold poly; white. Cloth-like, reusable, low-lint.

WausauPaper® Ultra Dubl-Tough® DRC Wiper-9 3/8"x12 3/4"

This double recrepe (DRC) wiper is cloth-like and is ideal for pick up of paint, water and light oil/grease. Strong and durable. Wipes dry with low-lint. Pop-up Box. Reusable, white.